Leadership Development

Keynote Speaker

Brian Brault is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur and leadership coach. He created and built two companies that each were ranked on Inc. Magazines list of fastest growing companies. He is a Chair of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program and is a formator for the Leadership Academy program in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization where he also recently served as the Chair of the Global Board of Directors.  

Keynote speaking

Keynote speaking opportunities for audiences of all sizes lead by Brian Brault addressing a range of topics including:

Authentic Leadership

In today’s rapidly changing world, the need for authentic leadership has never been more important. Never before has one’s behavior in and out of the board room been watched more closely. An authentic leader has emotional intelligence, genuinely cares about the people they lead, build strong teams and lives a life of integrity.

Servant Leadership

Leaders need to make sure those they lead can answer these three questions:

  1. Where are we going?
  2. What do we need to do to get there?
  3. What is my role?

Once everyone can answer these questions, the leader’s obligation is to serve the people on their team to be successful in executing their role to achieve the vision of the company.

Leading a Purpose Filled Life

So many people are at a point in their life where they are asking, “What do I want to be remembered for? What do I want my life to mean? What is my purpose?” Brian helps the audience reflect, dig in and start on a journey of self discovery to uncover their own answers. People leave feeling inspired and armed with tools to create the life they want to live.

Impactful Communication

One of the most important attributes of a leader, partner, friend and family member is to be a great communicator. Learning to deliver important messages as well as listening to understand versus listening to “fix” or “reply” is the heart of Brian’s talk. This message will change the relationships in your life.

Drivers of Success and Destruction

This is a unique raw and authentic keynote sharing the personal journeys of a father and son through addiction and recovery and the parallels it shares with coping mechanisms and behaviors often found in entrepreneurs.


Give Your Managers The Skills They Need to Succeed

Enrollment is now open for the Manager Development Course. This 6-month interactive online training for frontline and mid-level managers who want to excel as leaders.