Leadership Growth


Empower your front line and mid-level managers to build effective teams, drive ROI, and excel as leaders.

Are poorly trained managers costing you profits and productivity?

Many companies promote internally – moving up their best people. But 60% of new managers fail within 24 months. Even seasoned managers can sink into bad habits and stagnate instead of stepping up.

No one wants to see their people fail. Yet most companies don’t have the training and support that managers need.

We help managers develop the skills and confidence to lead. 

Our 6-month online program is designed for front line and mid-level managers.

Expert facilitators lead an interactive 2-hour class each month via Zoom. Managers deepen their understanding with self-paced readings and videos. And they apply the new knowledge with real-world exercises.

Managers gain knowledge and tools to motivate, delegate, communicate, and coach. They learn how to deliver great results and great experiences for employees and customers.

Curriculum Overview

Here’s what managers can expect to cover during the six month program.


Start by gaining a better understanding of yourself and your team.
  • Uncover your style with a powerful assessment
  • Discover how to identify and adapt to others' styles
  • Get style-specific tips to build better relationships


Boost productivity with clear direction and a solid system for accountability.
  • Unlock the power of the "lead domino"
  • Get clear about success drivers for your department
  • Leverage the M.A.P. tool so your team knows where you're going and what to do next


Make smart decisions based on data and your company's overall goals.
  • Learn to speak the language of business
  • Create a dashboard for your KPIs that helps you discern what works (and what doesn't)
  • Discover how finding the "spring" lets you beat the competition


Guide your team towards continuous growth and successful execution.
  • Integrate DiSC styles for improved team performance
  • Use scorecards to create clear, mutual expectations
  • Discover how feedback can fuel growth and innovation


Navigate tough conversations and build robust systems for improving performance.
  • Master meaningful communication
  • Address under- performance while maintaining a positive relationship
  • Resolve disciplinary issues effectively and professionally


Discover the essential elements a team needs to thrive and learn how to develop them.
  • Turn conflict into a healthy interaction.
  • Unlock insights on team dynamics
  • Create a culture where trust and accountability aren't just ideals – they're everyday practices.

Developing managers can be simple…


Enroll Today.

Participants join a small cohort, which can grow into a valuable peer network. They share experiences in class and in the online forum.


Learn & Engage.

The course fits a busy schedule with a commitment of 4 hours/month – a live 2-hour class on Zoom, followed by asynchronous assignments.


Lead Confidently.

As managers apply the frameworks and tools, they’ll enhance productivity and drive performance. Here’s to the team’s lasting success!

Excellent managers make excellent places to work.

We’ve developed front line and mid-level managers for more than 30 companies.

Well-trained managers elevate everyone around them. They empower others, improve retention, and make the organization more effective and resilient. 

Our Program Leaders have built successful teams and companies.

The program has been developed by a stellar team with decades of experience as entrepreneurs and executives. Our facilitators have deep backgrounds as managers, educators, researchers, and business leaders who’ve worn almost every hat in the company.

Brian Brault is passionate about developing authentic leaders and helping people live their best lives. Brian successfully led two companies, served as Chairman of the Board for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and continues to be active in EO leadership.

Brian oversees program development and leads the Legacy of Significance team. Brian also teaches a masterclass on Authentic Leadership.

Kim Latko is a facilitator, CEO and coach at KSM Solutions, and Chief Problem Solver for TentandTable.com. 

With curiosity, perseverance, kindness, and compassion, she tailors her approach for each individual. Her facilitation and coaching styles encompass a blend of practical strategies, emotional intelligence, and a genuine passion for supporting others.

Managers will also work with our in-house  Certified Practitioners to use tools from Wiley Workplace Learning.

Bonus masterclasses level up leadership skills.

In addition to the core curriculum, managers get special access to our Leadership Masterclass Series. Thought leaders from successful businesses, not-for-profits, and public service join us to share valuable perspectives. Past and future speakers include:

  • Dr. Malik Muhammad, entrepreneur and passionate community advocate at Akoben LLC, on the principles and practices of restorative leadership.
  • Mark Adams, data expert at Department of Defense, on creating and using a data-driven environment as a leader.
  • Ann Rhoades, former VP of People at Southwest and JetBlue Airlines, on how to build a culture based on values.

Successful managers elevate the entire organization.

The impact goes well beyond productivity and profits. When managers have the training and support they need, they build a health company culture. Would you like to consistently be one of the best places to work and do business? Start by developing your managers.

PROGRAM FEE: $990 per person


Live, virtual classes happen on the following Wednesdays from 8-10 am EST.

  • July 31
  • Aug 28
  • Sept 25
  • Oct 30
  • Nov 20
  • Dec 18


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