key executive mastery program

A 3-Day Program Designed For Entrepreneurial Companies

Fall 2024 dates and location to be announced.

Take your leadership team to the top with a transformative learning experience.

The Key Executive Mastery Program is created to bring entrepreneurs and their core leaders together for learning and growth. In a beautiful venue, away from the distractions of daily life, you’ll learn together from expert speakers. This is more than great content – you’ll map out how to apply the learning in your company and take action. Join us to strengthen your business and reach new heights.

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World-Class Workshops

Your executive team will dive into strategic learning and discussions, guided by expert speakers. Each person brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on leadership, influence, and innovation. 

Past Speakers Have Included…

For example, here is the caliber of speakers from our most recent program.

Making the Deal: Unlocking Your Power of Influence

Niro Sivanathan

Leverage the latest science in behavioral decision-making to achieve ambitious goals at the bargaining table and beyond. In this interactive session, we will explore how individuals process information, including the mental shortcuts that affect our judgements, decisions and behavior. Niro provides practical tools, tips and examples so that you can frame proposals, requests, and choices to exponentially increase your ability to nudge others towards "yes."

Niro Sivanathan is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. His research draws on social psychological and evolutionary theories to examine how status and power within social hierarchies influence our judgments, decisions, and behaviors.

Built on Values: Creating An enviable company culture

Ann Rhoades

Leaders know that a winning, engaged culture is the key to attracting top talent and customers. But how do you develop the kind of culture that lets you soar above the competition? Ann will guide us through a proven system for creating the conditions and environment where a values-based culture can flourish. You'll gain insights on developing a workplace where everyone from the front lines to the boardroom knows the company’s values and feels comfortable and empowered to act on them.

Ann Rhoades is a visionary Human Resources Executive with over 25 years experience. Prior to founding her company, People Ink, she served as the vice president of People for Southwest and JetBlue Airways.

Restorative Leadership Practices

Dr. Malik Muhammad

Malik shares a transformational approach to leadership built on connection and challenge. His session will help us reflect on how we show up as leaders and the impact that has in our professional and personal communities. You'll gain an understanding of the restorative practices and principles that fortify leaders, especially when situations get tough.

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad has been a beacon of transformational leadership, focusing on underserved communities . He has an extensive background in education, mental healthcare, and entrepreneurship. He's the founder and CEO of Akoben LLC and Transforming Lives Inc.

Brand Strategy For Leaders

Sasha Strauss

Does your business have a Brand Strategy? Don't wait for your customers and competitors to define you. Sasha will guide you through strategically deciding who you are and why you matter. Then you'll learn how to embed it in everything you do – inside and outside your company – online and off. Discover how brand strategy is the key to employee retention, recurring revenue, and category leadership.

Sasha Strauss is the founder and CEO of Innovation Protocol, an award-winning brand strategy consultancy headquartered out of Los Angeles. He is a brand strategy "preacher" and brand firm principal with a penchant for non-profit work. He teaches as a graduate school professor at the top three business schools in Southern California.

Discovering Your X-Factor

Barrett Ersek

Every industry has its bottlenecks and road blocks. These constraints are challenges to everyone – you and your biggest competition. Innovation happens when you break a bottleneck. Barrett will guide us through a workshop to identify the bottlenecks for your industry. Then, you'll learn how to find strategies to break through this "X-Factor" and gain a 7 to 10 times advantage over your competition.

Barrett Ersek is a serial entrepreneur who speaks on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, gratitude, and sustainability. He has lectured at the London School of Business, India School of Business, and MIT, in addition to EO events across five continents. Barrett is the founder and owner of Holganix, an organic plant probiotic for lawns and farms.

Navigating the Obstacles to Business Success

Don Britton

Join us to gain valuable insights from the trenches with a successful entrepreneurial leader and the research he used. It will help you optimize your leadership and managerial structure to drive your business forward. Don's workshop is focused on helping you design an organizational and managerial structure that places the right people in the right roles, ensuring your team is set up for success. Regardless of what stage of the Corporate Lifecycle you are in, this will improve communication and efficiency within your organization.

For more than 30 years, Don Britton has been a pioneer in the cloud computing space. He successfully bootstrapped, grew, and sold his award-winning technology and service company, Network Alliance. Today, Don owns and runs a dude ranch in Idaho.

16 Levers To Scale Your Business

Isaiah Nolte

Isaiah's session will bring together two days of learning in a powerful final session. He will share a framework that includes 16 different levers you can use to grow your company. Each leadership team will be able to use the framework to determine how to leverage key takeaways from the program and execute on the strategies that will take our businesses to the next level.

Isaiah Nolte is the Managing Director at Bloom Growth, an online ecosystem of tools designed to empower business leaders and nurture organizational health. Isaiah is an EOS Integrator, a member of YPO Nicaragua, a Mastery Forum Member, and father of 5.

Program Host and Facilitator

Brian Brault

Brian is an executive coach, speaker, and facilitator with a passion for connecting people’s minds and hearts so they can reach their full potential. Drawing from his experiences taking two businesses from start-up to award-winning Inc. 5000 companies, Brian is an active leader in the entrepreneurial world. He is co-founder of Legacy of Significance.

A Magnificent Venue

We’ll gather at MIT Endicott House, less than 12 miles from the city of Boston. The French manor-style estate features breathtaking vistas of the Blue Hills and beautiful gardens. 

The elegant, distraction-free setting is perfect for the focused strategic work you’ll do as a leadership team.

Key Executive Mastery Program

3-Day Program
$ 2995 per person
  • Expert speakers and facilitated learning sessions
  • Instruction, materials, and program activities
  • Chef-prepared meals featuring local foods
  • Beautifully-appointed accomodations


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