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Transformative programs for your leadership growth

Discover what you can become

At Legacy of Significance we create opportunities that are transformative experiences to empower leadership change

“We spend our lives striving for success; wanting to be impactful; seeking happiness. As I get older, more experienced, maybe wiser, I am realizing that all of these answers are already inside of me. So often we look to others to shine light on what we are searching for, while not recognizing that the answers come from within. We can shine our own light on what is there. We just need to slow down long enough and love ourselves enough to see it all.”

– Brian Brault

Leadership Development

Grow into the leader you are capable of being

 “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Harvard Business School

Whether it is our Manager Development or Executive Education programming, we deliver skills and thought leadership, helping people to maximize their organizational effectiveness while making a positive impact on those they lead and in life. 

Personal Development

Go on a journey of self discovery to lead your best life. Whether it is a journey that uncovers what you want your life to mean, taking your relationship to the next level or focusing on your own well-being, let the trained people at Legacy of Significance guide you to find the answers you seek.

Purpose Filled Life Program

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we wonder, What’s next? What Is my purpose in life? How willI be remembered? This immersive experience will expose us to new and different ways of thinking about our own individual answers to these questions.

3 day Program

Couples retreats

Join us for an adventure learning experience to build stronger personal relationships and enhance the opportunity for a more successful family life, all while playing and relaxing at a beautiful, mountain ranch in northern Idaho.

7 day retreat

Life & Wellness Coaching

The objective of the wellness coach is to empower clients to unlock their own potential helping them achieve the health and wellness goals they desire.

3 month program


Give Your Managers The Skills They Need to Succeed

Enrollment is now open for the Manager Development Course. This 6-month interactive online training for frontline and mid-level managers who want to excel as leaders.