About Us

At Legacy of Significance,

We combine our core strengths of Connection, Development and Maximize to create a positive impact in the lives of others. We focus on connecting people’s mind and heart to cultivate a path to reach their full potential. 

In our Executive Development programs, we teach skills and methods to help develop talent into strengths, while focusing on the humanity of the people you lead. 

Our Personal Development programs lead people on a journey of self discovery, preparing them to live their best life.  

Our Team

We Are Here For You

Brian Brault, Founder

Building strong teams and fast-growing companies is what Brian is known for. He successfully led two companies, to spots on Inc. Magazine’s list of “Fastest Growing Companies”. Advanced Facilities Services, Intl. was ranked #383, employed over 300 employees and was ranked as one of the top private companies in Western, New York for eight years straight. Brian’s proudest award is when this company was named one of the best companies to work for in WNY. Brian sold this company in early 2014.

PURE Wellness Rooms, started in 2005 helps people be their best while traveling by converting living spaces to healthier, wellness environments. PURE ranked #502 on the Inc list and was the 2008 recipient of Cornell University’s Innovator of the Hospitality Industry award.

Brian is extremely active in the entrepreneurial world. He recently served on the Global Board of Directors for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) which serves over 14,000 members worldwide. Brian held the position of Chairman of the Board for EO, where he worked hard to bring his vision to life of mobilizing entrepreneurs around the world to leverage their skills and passion to make the world a better place. This culminated in a partnership with the United Nations. He also serves as a chair and facilitator of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program. In 2012, Brian created the Key Executive Program to facilitate executive level education for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. He has played several other global leadership roles in EO including Global Forum Chair, Chaired the Global Learning sub-committee on executive education and served as the Global Learning Committee Chair. He recently led the EO- UN collaboration working group. He is also part of the team of Formators guiding the Leadership Academy programs around the world in EO.

In 2018, Brian launched a new company, Legacy of Significance, based on living out his purpose of creating a positive impact in the lives of others. This company helps guide people on a journey of self-discovery to help them live their best life. With this, he teaches leadership, executive education programs, is an executive coach, speaker, and incorporates having been forum trainer and retreat facilitator since 2007.

A graduate of the University of Buffalo’s School of Business, Brian is very active on community boards and very active in his church. He has three adult children and six grandchildren. Brian has been happily married to his wife Jean since 1987.’

Jean Brault, Founder

Jean has spent her entire career helping people through coaching, teaching and facilitating. Her experience spans the globe where she has helped entrepreneurs and CEO’s to dig deep and find clarity in their lives. She has found her passion lies in working with spouses of entrepreneurs and CEO’s to become more self-aware and find insight in the important issues of their lives.

Having grown up on retreat centers, Jean comes to the role of retreat facilitation naturally. Jean is professionally educated as a registered nurse and trained as a wellness coach on how to shift the impacts of stress on our daily lives to a more positive outcome. Jean has been active in facilitation since 2003 working with many cultures and communities to promote learning and foster change. Jean has mastered the art of being present, effective listening, relationship development and has a passion for seeing others thrive.

Married to a successful entrepreneur for 36 years, Jean also has experienced the varied ups and downs of being self-employed. Jean has been actively involved in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization by attending numerous learning opportunities around the world for almost 20 years, as well as being a member of a Spouse and Life Partner forum. Jean is also certified as a Gottman Seven Principles Leader.

Jean is a co- founder of Legacy of Significance, designed to lead people on a journey of self- discovery through executive education, leadership development, and retreats. In addition to being impactful in the lives of others, Jean loves to travel with her husband and spend time with family.

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