A Romantic Escape in the Northern Rockies

join us for the 5th annual

Couples Retreat

for entrepreneurs & business owners

Choose a 4-day or 7-day experience at the award-winning Red Horse Mountain Ranch in early October 2024.

Time to focus on each other

Adventures to renew your spark

Workshops to help you grow together

When you’re in a committed relationship, the stakes are too high to coast along on occasional date nights. Don’t settle for…

You can have a love that lasts.

Don’t let your relationship take a backseat to building your company and career. When you invest time and attention in each other, you strengthen your most important relationship.

Join us at the Couples Retreat in the Rockies for learning and adventure designed to help you develop an extraordinary relationship.

impactful learning

Expert facilitators lead interactive workshops. You'll gain skills and tools to improve communication, manage conflict, and strengthen your bond.

Award-Winning Ranch

Enjoy the western hospitality of Red Horse Mountain Ranch – cozy cabins, chef-prepared meals, a full service lodge, and an easygoing and attentive staff.

An Incredible Group

Something special happens when entrepreneurial couples gather. Over dinner and out on the trail, they elevate each other by sharing experiences and support.

“The experience my wife and I shared at the Couples Retreat at Red Horse Ranch has been life changing. The week filled with fun, adventure, learning, sharing and socializing has taken our relationship to the next level of appreciation for one another. It was a week which will live within us for our life time together.”

Tim and Jeanne Dever


Our facilitators will guide you through exercises to strengthen your relationship. Lessons are based on the research-backed Gottman Principles for making marriage work and proven frameworks to understand your strengths and develop a vision.

You’ll also have plenty of time for fun and relaxation. Enjoy an exhilarating horseback ride each week day, or choose from other guided and self-guided adventures. Details below!

The 7-Day Experience begins on Sunday.

The 4-Day Experience begins on Wednesday.

Welcome to the Ranch! If you’re joining us for the full week, you’ll check in between 2-5 p.m. Freshen up and explore a bit before our Welcome Dinner.

On Monday, we’ll deepen our understanding of our individual strengths and love languages. Gain new insights about yourself and your partner.


On Tuesday, we’ll discuss building fondness, friendship, and intimacy. Explore what a great relationship looks and feels like for each of you.

On Wednesday, we welcome our 4-day couples with a special celebration. You’ll learn how to unlock heartfelt communication. 

On Thursday, discover how to move from conflict to compassion. Repair past harms, have healthy disagreements, and create compromises that honor each other.

On Friday, you’ll gain skills and tools to help you craft a shared vision for your family’s future. You’ll get aligned on priorities and how you’ll continue to grow together.


On Saturday, we’ll close with a powerful morning session on how to foster enduring bond. Learn how to enrich your connection with love, understanding, and resiliency.

Fun & Relaxation

Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers a variety of activities that range from rejuvenating to challenging:

  • Take a leisurely paddle on the lake.
  • Ride the mountain trails on horseback.
  • Brave the ropes course or zip line.
  • Feel the rush of downhill mountain biking.
  • Have a friendly competition at archery or clay shooting.
  • Relax with a fishing pole or good book.
  • Enjoy each other’s company as you take in the awe-inspiring view.

“We arrived with a really strong relationship. A week later, we left even stronger, more aligned and more connected.”

Chris and Amber Jamieson
2020 and 2022

Our Venue

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is an all-inclusive dude ranch, ranked #5 in the country.

The ranch is located near Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Many guests fly into Spokane, Washington, which is a beautiful 2-hour drive away.

The Ranch is a magical venue. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the horses, the time together without digital distractions, and the incredible staff that manage the facility combine to make it a unique experience.

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“I was pushed well outside my comfort zone mentally, physically and emotionally…having a blast the entire time. I was able to meet amazing entrepreneurial couples from all over the world…I had a pretty strong relationship with my spouse coming into the retreat, we learned a lot about one another and went home even stronger.”

David Searns


Brian and Jean Brault

Brian and Jean recently celebrated 35 years of marriage with their three adult children and six grandchildren. They have traveled to nearly 60 countries and delivered programs in many of them. In addition, both of them are retreat facilitators and curators of executive education programs through Legacy of Significance.

Both of them have been active in Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) for many years. Brian served as Chairman of the Global Board of Directors for EO, and they traveled the world interacting with EO members and spouses.

Building strong teams and fast-growing companies is what Brian is known for. He successfully led two companies, to spots on Inc. Magazine’s list of “Fastest Growing Companies”. Advanced Facilities Services, Intl. was ranked #383, employed over 300 employees and was ranked as one of the top private companies in Western, New York for eight years straight. Brian’s proudest award is when this company was named one of the best companies to work for in WNY. Brian sold this company in early 2014.

PURE Wellness Rooms, started in 2005 helps people be their best while traveling by converting living spaces to healthier, wellness environments. PURE ranked #502 on the Inc list and was the 2008 recipient of Cornell University’s Innovator of the Hospitality Industry award.

Brian is extremely active in the entrepreneurial world. He recently served on the Global Board of Directors for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) which serves over 14,000 members worldwide. Brian held the position of Chairman of the Board for EO, where he worked hard to bring his vision to life of mobilizing entrepreneurs around the world to leverage their skills and passion to make the world a better place. This culminated in a partnership with the United Nations. He also serves as a chair and facilitator of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program. In 2012, Brian created the Key Executive Program to facilitate executive level education for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. He has played several other global leadership roles in EO including Global Forum Chair, Chaired the Global Learning sub-committee on executive education and served as the Global Learning Committee Chair. He recently led the EO- UN collaboration working group. He is also part of the team of Formators guiding the Leadership Academy programs around the world in EO.

In 2018, Brian launched a new company, Legacy of Significance, based on living out his purpose of creating a positive impact in the lives of others. This company helps guide people on a journey of self-discovery to help them live their best life. With this, he teaches leadership, executive education programs, is an executive coach, speaker, and incorporates having been forum trainer and retreat facilitator since 2007.

A graduate of the University of Buffalo’s School of Business, Brian is very active on community boards and very active in his church. He has three adult children and six grandchildren. Brian has been happily married to his wife Jean since 1987.

Jean has spent her entire career helping people through coaching, teaching and facilitating. Her experience spans the globe where she has helped entrepreneurs and CEO’s to dig deep and find clarity in their lives. She has found her passion lies in working with spouses of entrepreneurs and CEO’s to become more self-aware and find insight in the important issues of their lives.

Having grown up on retreat centers, Jean comes to the role of retreat facilitation naturally. Jean is professionally educated as a registered nurse and trained as a wellness coach on how to shift the impacts of stress on our daily lives to a more positive outcome. Jean has been active in facilitation since 2003 working with many cultures and communities to promote learning and foster change. Jean has mastered the art of being present, effective listening, relationship development and has a passion for seeing others thrive.

Married to a successful entrepreneur for 32 years, Jean also has experienced the varied ups and downs of being self-employed. Jean has been actively involved in the Entrepreneurs Organization by attending numerous learning opportunities around the world for almost 20 years, as well as being a member of a Spouse and Life Partner forum.

Jean is a co- founder of Legacy of Significance, designed to lead people on a journey of self- discovery through executive education, leadership development, and retreats.

In addition to being impactful in the lives of others, Jean loves to travel with her husband and spend time with family.

Katty and Jamie Douraghy

Katty and Jamie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary recently with a renewal of their vows. They are both entrepreneurs, and members of EO, as well as facilitators who work together and independently to bring a variety of content to forums, teams, and groups.

Jamie is a certified Strengthsfinder, Discover your Why and C-IQ coach.  Katty is a certified EO Forum facilitator. They have held workshops and retreats for couples, and entrepreneurs in the US as well as Internationally in Latin America and India.

Jamie Douraghy is a Los Angeles-based executive coach and team facilitator. His career draws from over 25+ years as an entrepreneur and competitive athlete.

Jamie has facilitated in a range of countries within Africa, Asia, the EU and US for EO, Vistage, YPO forums and a broad range of leadership teams. An EO member leader since 2004, Jamie has served in many roles, from chapter president to Regional Director and chair for EO’s Global Growth Team. In May of 2015, Jamie was honored to receive the EO Volunteer of the Year award, and recently served as EO’s Global Leadership Committee Chair.

Jamie is a three-time USA Veteran National Fencing Champion and an eight-time participant at the Veteran World Fencing Championships. He is the author of On Guard and On Point and a TedX speaker. He received an MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

Katty Douraghy is the President of Artisan Creative, a digital and creative recruitment agency with a focus on creative, marketing, and design talent. 

Noticing EO’s positive impact on Jamie, Katty sought out a similar experience and joined an EO LA SLP forum in 2008. She chaired EO’s Global SLP Sub-Committee from 2013-2015 helping lead spousal programs and engagement. She has served as the MyEO Global Committee Chair and is incoming EO Products Portfolio Chair.

Katty is a certified EO Forum trainer who helps new members begin their EO journey and facilitates established forums to strengthen and evolve.

Katty believes we all have a story to share and that our greatest journey is through self-discovery. She is the author of The Butterfly Years, a journey through grief toward hope.

Raised in San Francisco, England, and Iran, Katty brings a multi-cultural perspective to her interactions. She earned a BA in English Literature from UC
Santa Cruz and a Merchandising Degree from FIDM in San Francisco.

Sunny and Ann Sheuff

Sunny and Ann Sheu

Ann and Sunny, visionary entrepreneurs and parents, have spent over five years developing and refining Mpowered Families—a program that equips business and family leaders with the tools, space, and structure they need to create an engaged, connected family without sacrificing the success of their business.

After running multiple businesses, Ann and Sunny quickly realized that business success didn’t automatically equal family success, and in order to have the family life they wanted, they needed to prioritize their family like they were their businesses.

Now, through Mpowered Families, Ann and Sunny equip other high-achieving couples with the tools, space, and structure they need to be intentional family leaders so that their families never become casualties of their business.

Ann Sheu is a seasoned entrepreneur on a mission to empower others to build better lives, businesses, and communities. Ann has witnessed first-hand the chaos a poorly-run business can inflict on the home. When it came time for her to strike out on her own, she pledged to live a more intentional life for the sake of her own family and business. For nearly 20 years, she’s done just that—building one successful venture after another and serving others as a consultant, advisor, board member, and coach.

Trained at Southern Methodist University in business (B.B.A., 2005), dispute resolution (M.A., 2008), and law (J.D., 2011), Ann brings a wealth of holistic insight to every organization she touches—others’ and her own. A certified EOS implementer, Ann combines market-tested principles with practical tools to drive peak performance. As a result of her expertise, Ann’s clients have reaped over $100 million in combined revenue growth.

For Ann, financial growth is only one metric for measuring a business or individual’s success. Far more important, in her eyes, are those personal metrics that make for a successful life: meaning, vision, values, mission. Ann’s coaching and consulting has always treated individuals as whole persons, because she knows that success in the workplace and in the home go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other.

Sunny Sheu comes from a family of hard-working entrepreneurs. He received his best training from decades of helping to grow the family business from a small toy shop inside a bazaar to a multi-location furniture retail operation called BT Furnishings.

Sunny is constantly looking for opportunities to bring new insights and opportunities into his and others’ businesses. He is a member and former Dallas chapter president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) as well as a member of the Dallas Mustang YPO chapter. He is a constant learner, attending various learning programs such as Stagen Leadership Academy, Strategic Coach, and EO’s Entrepreneurial Master’s program.

Sunny and Ann live in Dallas, TX with their 3 children. When he’s not working, Sunny enjoys mountain biking, racing cars, go karting, and snowboarding.

Registration Details
both packages include:

  • Facilitated learning sessions, including instruction and materials
  • Rustic and cozy private accommodations at the Ranch
  • Chef-prepared meals, snacks, and a wide variety of beverages
  • Time to relax, reconnect, and enjoy the views
  • Guided outdoor adventures with daily horseback riding opportunties

7-Day Experience

$9950 per couple

Sunday to Saturday
Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2024

6 nights at the Ranch
17 delicious meals
5 full days of learning and adventure

4-Day Experience

$5990 per couple

Wednesday to Saturday
Oct. 2 – 5, 2024

3 nights at the Ranch
8 delicious meals
2 full days of learning and adventure



“We’ve been so busy. It’s almost like we’re living two separate lives. Are we okay?”

“We’re okay, but I know we could be better. I miss feeling like we’re a kickass team. Knowing you have my back and taking on the world together.”

fun & Adventure

Go on an exhilarating horseback ride, take a leisurely paddle, or brave the challenge course and zip line. Have a friendly competition at archery or clay shooting. Feeling bold? Join Brian for Karaoke!

beautiful views

Immerse yourself in natural beauty and stunning scenery from a comfy seat on the porch or while out on a hike. You'll also see each other with renewed appreciation and excitement for the future.
And having fun while we do it! I miss that sense of playfulness we used to have.

“We could have it again. We just need to find the time to spend with each other. Let’s go on adventure together.”


“Why do we have the same argument over and over again?”

“I don’t know. I do sometimes feel like you don’t understand what I’m trying to say.

“It’s like we’re speaking two different languages. We’re talking…but not really hearing each other.”

I’d like to learn how to communicate in a better way and break that pattern.

“What a long day. I’m exhausted and still have work to do. Can we postpone our dinner date?”

“Sure, we can go next week. I just don’t want our relationship taking a backseat to the business.”

“Thanks for understanding. I do want to spend time together, but the business needs me right now.”

I feel like we’re in a good place. But imagine if we took a week away – just the two of us – that would be amazing.