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Best-selling author of “Discover Your True North”, and former CEO of Medtronics, Bill George asserts that the approach to advancing people to leadership under the era and style of Jack Welch, famed CEO of General Electric, where the smartest person in the room becomes the leader, has gone away. Today’s leaders have a high EQ, genuinely care about the people they lead, have purpose and are great at building teams.

We agree and deliver a leadership development program that helps take your team’s awareness and development to the next level.

Our team of exceptional leaders and educators focus on Authentic Leadership, leading with a service mindset, restorative practices, transformational leadership and a series of skills important for any existing or up and coming leader to develop

Personalized workshops

Reach out to learn more about our one day, two day or two and a half day programs and get started with a customized approach for your team. 

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Give Your Managers The Skills They Need to Succeed

Enrollment is now open for the Manager Development Course. This 6-month interactive online training for frontline and mid-level managers who want to excel as leaders.