The Power of Shared Learning

Discover why learning as a group can help you shift the way you think about everything from working on a project to building a business.

Have you heard of Niro Sivanathan?

He’s a London Business School professor who was the highest rated speaker last year in both my EO Entrepreneurial Masters Programme class and the EMP alumni program the next week.

Niro brilliantly guided us through the counterintuitive way to be more persuasive when it comes to sales and marketing. People wouldn’t let him stop speaking – we skipped the break and cut into lunch. He was awesome.

But many of the entrepreneurs faced a problem when they tried to take these insights back to their leadership teams.

Their key executives just didn’t get it.

The execs hadn’t been in the room, and they didn’t share the leader’s enthusiasm.

Sharing a Learning Experience

If you’ve ever struggled to convey something you’ve learned to others, you know how frustrating it can be.

And that’s why I’m passionate about creating opportunities for people to learn together.

Imagine how impactful learning could be if you’re sitting with the team that’s going to help you implement.

Niro will be one of seven top-rated speakers from EMP that I’m bringing to a new Key Executive Mastery Program. The event happens March 3-6 in Boston at MIT Endicott House. 

Designed for entrepreneurs and their top leaders, the program is not about coming up with new ideas (although those will come). It’s about shifting the way you think about business. Think bigger – more critically – more strategically – and most importantly align as a team on how to achieve success.

Here’s the incredible speakers joining us in March:

  • Niro Sivanathan on Unlocking Your Power of Influence
  • Barrett Ersek on Discovering Your X-Factor
  • Sasha Strauss on Brand Strategy For Leaders
  • Isaiah Nolte on The 16 Levers To Scale Your Business
  • Don Britton on Organizational Growth
  • Dr. Malik Muhammad on Restorative Leadership Practices
  • Ann Rhoades on Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition

Tap into the Power of Shared Learning

Learning together is a game changer for any group.

  • You each hear the content through your own lens and bring a unique perspective to conversations after.
  • You build a common language to discuss and implement ideas.
  • You create trust and understanding through the shared experience.
  • And often, you have fun along the way!

Here are a few ways you can leverage shared learning:

  1. Attend a virtual masterclass and then have a discussion about how the concepts apply to your project or department.
  2. Pick an inspiring TED talk and ask your team to watch. (I’ll include Niro’s below – it’s great!) Give everyone a few days to watch and reflect, and then meet over lunch to share thoughts.
  3. Choose a relevant program or conference to attend in-person together. If the event doesn’t have time built in for discussion, be sure to plan some time together after.

Join us to learn from Niro in person during the Key Executive Mastery Program.

Or plan your own shared learning experiences and get ready to leverage them for greater understanding and success.

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